Imran Khan Get Shot in Leg updated situation

Imran Khan, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was wounded in the leg during a demonstration.
A representative for the party has confirmed that the former prime minister was shot in the leg but that his life is not in danger.
Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was attending a rally in Gujranwala when bullets were fired, causing him to incur a bullet injury in his leg. The incident occurred in Islamabad, Pakistan.

It was verified to Al Jazeera by Azhar Mashwani, an official of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, that the politician had been wounded in the leg but that he was not in any immediate danger.

Khan, who was leading a protest march to the capital of Islamabad, seeking early elections, was taken to a hospital in Lahore after becoming ill during the course of the march.

It was not immediately evident who had opened fire on a cargo truck that was transporting Khan; the shooter’s identify remained unknown. There has been no claim of responsibility for the assault made by any organisation.

Faisal Vawda claims murder is pre planned - foresees bloodshed pti

Faisal Vawda Claims Murder is Pre Planned – Foresees Bloodshed in PTI Long March

Faisal Vawda is playing as a game changer. Firstly, in conference he claim that arshad sharif murder in planned in pakistan. Secondly, Just before PTI long march he make a conference and proclaimed that he foresees bloodshed in long march. At same time, pti issued a show cause notice and eliminate him from party membership.

Faisal Vawda Claims Arshad Sharif Murder is Planned

At a press conference on Wednesday in Islamabad, he claimed that no physical proof remains from the shooting death of veteran journalist and news caster Arshad Sharif. He claimed that the anchorman was not the kind of man to flee the scene, especially because unfounded claims are being made about the establishments.

The former federal minister said that the killing of Arshad Sharif was already planned. Truthfully, he was accomplishing his aims, but he had to leave the nation due to death threats.

Adding that the conspirators are in communication on a global scale, he stated, “I have created a film and have provided names, and if I am murdered, the murderers will also be killed in the same manner within 3 hours.”

Vawda also said he had been in touch with the murdered journalist and was willing to hand over his phone for forensic analysis.

The senior journalist’s death was no accident, he continued; a scheme to have him killed had been organised in Pakistan, and neither his computer nor his phone would be recovered.

According to Vawda, “certain individuals intend to murder others for selfish advantages and a plot is being created under the premise of lengthy march.”

He told reporters at the National Press Club, “If Arshad Sharif can be shot, then anybody can.” He went on to say that the death of the veteran anchorman was premeditated.

The government’s Press Information Department (PID), which organises media engagements for government officials, sent out the press conference invitations.

It should be noted that the news conference was broadcast live on state-run Pakistan Television, a platform on which opposition figures like as the leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are often shut out.

Vawda said that Sharif had been murdered in an in-country plot, with the “proof” of this having been “erased” to the point that not even Sharif’s mobile phone or laptop could be located.

The PTI chief said he has been in touch with the reporter ever since he left the country.

He said the journalist was shot dead in his automobile, despite allegations that 20 rounds were fired at him.

According to Vawda, “Arshad Sharif was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the skull.” “The automobile’s driver should have been shot if the kidnapper was in the car.”

The PTI chief made the claim in a video, perhaps alluding to an ongoing crackdown on dissidents, and claimed he will release the footage soon along with a list of names. He also said he spent millions of dollars and gave the names out over the globe.

The other personas would be eliminated within three hours if he died, he said. If I am shot, you will die within three hours.

Leaving the nation was not something Sharif was prepared to do, he said. Instead, he was “threatened by plots and banished from here.”

He continued, saying that he remained in Dubai for as long as his visa permitted. He said that contrary to rumours, the anchor did not even go to London.

Vawda said vaguely, “The advantages and purposes of this conspiracy are something else.”

He promised that additional information will become available in the days to come. If something should happen to me, I have instructed my loved ones to give my body to you as a present.

He made the observation that an average person would never have sent the reporter to Kenya. He pondered “who concealed him and who was in touch with him,” raising concerns about the situation. He said the conspirators’ goal is to divide the nation and his party.

It was also said that Sharif had been in touch with the authorities and was prepared to return to the country when “terror set in” and his assassination was purportedly plotted.

He also said that the conspirators were in the country and had “international connections.”

Although he was a part of the “good interaction” between the institution and the anchorperson, he insisted that the establishment was exonerated of any responsibility, stating as much.

Faisal Vawda Foresees Bloodshed in long March

In the next days, the PTI leader promised to take the names of the suspected conspirators.

Vawda has predicted “blood and funerals” during the next long march of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

“Imran Khan’s nonviolent march is our right, but I am definitely telling you I am witnessing blood, deaths, and funerals in this march,” he stated.

He said, “I will not allow my Pakistanis perish under a conspiracy,” adding that he will work to put a stop to this “game of corpses.”

Moreover, he predicted that “important people and numerous bodies” will be “falling” in the following days. 

Faisal Vawda Issued Show Cause Notice, Party Membership Suspended

Within two days, Faisal Vawda must respond to the show cause notice. He is obligated to provide an explanation as to why he should not have his party membership revoked.

Earlier, the PTI Sindh President had tweeted that Faisal Vawda had attempted to derail the impending long march by holding a news conference.

The PTI legislator commented on PTI leader Faisal Vavda’s news briefing through Twitter. He also noted the compelling nature of PTV’s coverage of the news conference.

Ali Zaidi chimed in, saying that he is proof that the “imported government” is behind the plot to bring down the legitimate administration. Imran Khan, leader of the PTI, has asked all employees to remain calm.

Why is Faisal Vavda’s press conference so important? He posed the query.


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Story Behind Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif Shot Dead in Kenya

Story Behind Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif Shot Dead in Kenya

The shot dead of senior journalist Arshad Sharif, confirmed by his wife Javeria Siddiqui early Monday, occurred in Nairobi, Kenya.

For her part, Siddiqui took to Twitter to express her grief, writing, “I lost friend, spouse, and my favourite journalist Arshad today, as per police he was shot in Kenya.”


There has been an inquiry into the shooting death of Sharif in Kenya, local media ARY News reports.

The 49-year-old has previously worked in many different newsrooms around the nation, and in March of 2019, she was honoured with the Pride of Performance award from President Arif Alvi.

He had a family that included a wife and five kids that he had to abandon.

“FO is in touch with Kenyan authorities regarding Arshad Sharif shot dead case,” said FM Bilawal

Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has mourned the journalist’s death and indicated that his country is in touch with Kenyan authorities.

Reporter Arshad Sharif’s unthinkable murder is a tragedy for Pakistan’s press. The foreign minister expressed his sympathies to Arshad Sharif’s loved ones and the media industry as a whole.


The IHC has warned the foreign and interior ministries against Arshad Sharif Shot Dead Case

The Sharif family has asked the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to appoint a commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding Sharif’s death, and the plea was submitted earlier today.

Barrister Shoaib Razzaq filed a petition asking for the establishment of a committee to investigate Sharif’s circumstances surrounding his departure from the nation. He also requested that the court provide directives for the journalist’s corpse to be returned to Pakistan.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah inquired throughout the hearing as to the whereabouts of the journalist’s corpse. The attorney then informed the court that they were in Nairobi, Kenya.

Thereafter, the judge notified the interior and foreign secretaries. Furthermore, he demanded that representatives from both departments visit the journalist’s family and give a report by tomorrow.

What led to Arshad Sharif’s Assasination

Earlier this year, journalists Arshad Sharif, Sabir Shakir, and Sami Ibrahim were the targets of a wave of suspicious first information reports (FIRs) that accused them of sedition and spreading “anti-state” propaganda.

Similar complaints were lodged with authorities in other areas throughout both Sindh and Balochistan about the journalists.

Locals have filed First Information Reports (FIRs) claiming the journalists were spreading hate speech against the Pakistani government and army.

Police in Hyderabad’s B-section filed charges against Arshad Sharif, a former anchor for ARY News.

“Hitting a nerve,” figuratively.

Rights groups, journalists, and politicians all expressed worry at the FIRs launched against the three journalists, which followed a similar pattern and included identical allegations.

The journalists and activists were alarmed by what they saw as a “planned endeavour” to stifle dissent, and they pointed out that those who were formerly in the good graces of the authorities had become “enemies of the state” for touching a “raw nerve.” this may cause shot dead of Arshad Sharif.

Story Behind Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif Shot Dead in Kenya

What The Story Behind the Assassination of Arshad Sharif

In an article published on Wednesday, renowned writer Arshad Sharif detailed the many internal and external variables that contribute to what Imran Khan claims is a US-backed plot to overthrow his administration.

A speech given at a conference titled “Regime Change Conspiracy and Pakistan’s Destabilization.” Sharif said that the United States did not make contact with the PTI government despite attempts by former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. However, as Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari took office as foreign minister, talks were restarted.

Sharif said that the press has not yet questioned whether or not the decision came from the White House or the US NSC. President Joe Biden, who was involved in the Project for a New American Century that paved the way for several US-backed regime-change operations across the globe after 2001, including in Iraq, may have made the choice at the state level, he continued.

When asked about what’s happening on the inside, he said it all boils down to self-centered people and organisations with their own political agendas. As in, “Who makes decisions for Pakistan? Is it simply institutions with inflated senses of self-importance that we’re going to ignore, or do we also plan to ignore people with egos?

Was Imran Khan looking out for Pakistan’s best interests, or those of the people? How did the media influence the plot to replace the government and how did those stories play out? People and organisations were in charge, while the media ignored national interests.

He said that lawfare, the use of law for political objectives, was employed in this regime-change operation and that the press widely covered the occurrence.

Sharif, echoing President Dr. Arif Alvi’s position, stated we must identify “the smoking pistol in the hand of the conspirator” in the cases of the murders of Liaquat Ali Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, as well as the removal of Imran Khan.

Sharif has pointed out a bigger trend, claiming that the United States had vested interests in the area at the time each of the three martial laws was enacted (1958, 1978, and 1999). It was said that Liaquat Ali Khan had been killed around two weeks before he was scheduled to go to Russia.

During the height of the cold war, Pakistan allegedly joined SEATO and CENTO and aligned itself with the United States. In the future, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was toppled in a military coup by his nominated army leader Zia-ul-Haq, who then had him convicted unfairly and put to death in 1978.

He said in 1999 that US invasions against Iraq, Libya, and Syria were already in the works. According to him, the TTP infiltrated Pakistan and drove the country into a terrorist conflict. As he put it, Pakistan’s nuclear weapon prevented an invasion.

He said that things changed when Pakistan joined the fight against terrorism under the Musharraf administration. He said that public upheavals, such as the formation of the PPP or the Lawyers Movement, were responsible for the fall of each regime. Yet, he insisted that a mix of democratic principles was inevitable.

He singled out the years 2018–2022, calling them a watershed in Pakistani politics because of the “authoritarian consolidation” and increased transparency that they brought about. However, the accountability process was halted when Maryam Nawaz mentioned “videos” at a news conference, and Nawaz Sharif was exiled to the United Kingdom.

Blackmailing media with bogus videos: PML-N leader Shahbaz Gill

Story Behind Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif Shot Dead in Kenya

He stated the media’s tactic of “disrupt, discredit, and deny” against the PTI administration was important in framing the narrative during the regime-change plot.

He asked, “Who ordered a police vehicle to be stationed outside the PM residence when Imran Khan was ejected from office late at night after losing a no-confidence vote?” before clarifying that the then-interior minister, Sheikh Rashid, had not made such decision.

In his criticism of the Red Zone Files, Sharif said that the arguments in print and electronic media during the “regime change” operation centred on institutions and people rather than on the constitutional framework or economic norms. To what extent do we prefer that the people of this nation be governed by law or by their own whims and caprices?

According to the journalist, on either April 9 or 10, the media was ordered to stop giving PTI any coverage, and those journalists who spoke out were fired, including Imran Riaz Khan.

He said that individuals who filed the FIRs against the journalists and PTI members were using a tried-and-true strategy. The issue, he continued, is that prosecutors are forced to file terrorist accusations because they can’t discover the corruption cases.

In response to an offer to host a programme on Imran Khan’s alleged corruption, Sharif reportedly remarked, “Imran Khan did not even squander half a bottle of water, how can you expect to discover or accuse corruption cases against him?


The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) termed it a “long, grim record of violent tactics to silence journalists”. It urged the government to pursue an immediate, transparent inquiry into the circumstances of Sharif’s death. For more informative blogs like this please subscribe Park Green City

cda history a brief introduction

CDA History A Brief Introduction

CDA (Capital Development Authority) possesses a history of its own. It’s 14th of August 1947, Pakistan has officially emerged as an independent nation on the globe. Every emigrant wants to settle in Karachi, which will probably be the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But the city of lights, then, due to its layout and structure, did not possess the characteristics of a modern capital. On the other hand, the continuous current of refugees worsened the existing problems and created new ones. Now, the forging of a new national identity was the foremost reason to lay down the foundation of new Capital, along with the fact that this was the only solution to the current crises. A commission was accordingly set in motion in 1958, which later emerged as CDA. CDA officially came into existence on the 14th of June 1960, and Gen. Yahya Khan was designated its first Chairman.

The location for the new Capital, after significant research and several reports, was chosen in the neighborhood of Rawalpindi, a luscious green land surrounded by the magnificent Margalla Hills. The Capital was named Islamabad, The City of Islam. Islamabad was officially announced as the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the 14th of August 1967. Now was the time to maintain international standards and groom the Capital as it concerned the country’s national identity. Therefore, CDA toiled away at the Capital’s strategic planning and solely focused on its development. Today, Islamabad is the world’s second-most beautiful Capital, all thanks to CDA. 


Schools and Hospitals are definitely essential to society. How can we not discuss CDA’s contribution to the education and health sector? 

cda history a brief introduction


Back in 2015, CDA proposed a mechanism and criteria of shifting schools from residential premises. After two months working CDA prepared a draft proposal for the relocation of schools. The proposal was drafted after having consultation with representatives from stakeholder departments including Federal Directorate of Education, Ministry of Education, Private Educational Institute Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of Interior and CDA. The committee proposed 55 sites which had been already allocated to private and government educational institutes  

Keeping in view, the dire need of capacity building of the government institutes as they are occupying huge area/sites in the city, CDA offered various sizes from 4 Kanal to 20 kanals in a transparent process to be presided by a committee comprising members from other ministries also. This construction of additional building and improving standard of education, ultimately resulted in attracting more students and the load was shared.

Day care and Montessori categories were also proposed in every sector.

CDA ensured the availability of schools’ plots. A criterion regarding allotment of school plots was formulated previously in 2002 but could not achieved required results, therefore, an exercise was carried out for revisions and updating of criteria by making it more transparent and result oriented keeping in consideration the existing necessities.


CDA ensured that no untitled person or institute would be allowed to participate in the next scheme. The new policy/mechanism proposed by CDA helped end the operation of schools in the residential premises in the city, making it much more convenient and effective for schools to deliver efficient results.



Back in 2015, CDA proposed a mechanism and criteria of shifting schools from residential premises. After two months working CDA prepared a draft proposal for the relocation of schools. The proposal was drafted after having consultation with representatives from stakeholder departments including Federal Directorate of Education, Ministry of Education, Private Educational Institute Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of Interior and CDA. The committee proposed 55 sites which had been already allocated to private and government educational institutes  

Keeping in view, the dire need of capacity building of the government institutes as they are occupying huge area/sites in the city, CDA offered various sizes from 4 Kanal to 20 kanals in a transparent process to be presided by a committee comprising members from other ministries also. This construction of additional building and improving standard of education, ultimately resulted in attracting more students and the load was shared.

Day care and Montessori categories were also proposed in every sector.

CDA ensured the availability of schools’ plots. A criterion regarding allotment of school plots was formulated previously in 2002 but could not achieved required results, therefore, an exercise was carried out for revisions and updating of criteria by making it more transparent and result oriented keeping in consideration the existing necessities.


CDA ensured that no untitled person or institute would be allowed to participate in the next scheme. The new policy/mechanism proposed by CDA helped end the operation of schools in the residential premises in the city, making it much more convenient and effective for schools to deliver efficient results.

educational reforms - park green city

CDA Model School Facilities:


Classrooms are airy, well-decorated, and equipped with heaters and room-coolers, among many other amenities.

The students have access to three well-equipped labs at the school:

Science Lab

The Science Lab is equipped with all the required equipment for conducting experiments in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Home Economics Lab:

 It features four cooking ranges, a refrigerator, a deep freezer, a microwave oven, sewing machines, crockery, and other essential items for home economics practical.

Computer Lab:

A completely air-conditioned computer lab with 20 P-IV workstations equipped with the most recent operating systems and software packages. 

Students can also use a laser printer, a scanner, a CD-Writer, a DVD-ROM, and other equipment. 

One of the school’s distinguishing aspects is its internet access. 

It features 2mb/s internet access for students and professors to do research. 

The lab is linked together by a fibre optic cable connected through LAN (local area network).



The school library tries to help pupils with their academics and general knowledge. 

The library has an excellent selection of books and publications. 

In the library, both students and faculty have access to all daily news papers and periodicals. 

There are 5076 books in all. 

The school has plans to expand it further to benefit both students and employees.



Sports are the most effective way of relieving stress and improving health. The sports provided for the students are badminton, Baseball, shot-put, Javelin, discuss throw etc.


Transport Services:

School buses run across the twin cities, picking up and dropping off pupils near their homes. 

The service is supplied at a low cost.



A welcoming and inviting school canteen creates a nice environment for pupils. 

Students and professors can purchase refreshments at reduced prices.




There is a well-decorated, air-conditioned auditorium offered for academic and co-curricular activities.

cda services - park green city



Capital Hospital Islamabad was incorporated in the CDA as a small day care Medical Centre providing preventive and curative medical facilities on an outpatient basis to the employees of the Capital Development Authority, and residents of Islamabad in general.

The need for in-patient care necessitated the conversion of this day care center into a hospital facility and in March 1981, a 60 bedded hospital was started comprising Medical and Pediatric wards, coronary care Unit, X-Ray Department, Pathology Laboratory, Dental Clinic, Dermatology Department and Mother & Child Health Centre. 

In the Second Phase the Surgical Block of the hospital was completed and started function in September 1992 with the Department of General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Gynae and Obstetrics, Neonatology, Eye & ENT, Post-operative Intensive Care and Accident and Emergency Department. As a result, the hospital expanded from its original 60 beds to its current capacity of 250, allowing it to provide state-of-the-art emergency, outpatient, and ward medical and surgical care. 

As of the year 1999, a new building for the hospital’s outpatient care services and laboratory had also been commissioned. In 2008, the Oxygen generation plant was installed at a cost of 15 million. Capital Hospital is a pioneer in this field. Moreover, a saving of 2-3 million/annum is being made since its installation in 2010, Imaging Radiology Department was established having the facility of CT, MRI in year 2010. The Cath Lab was also established in the same year. In 2014 Cardiac Surgical Department was established with a project cost of about 97.00 million. 


CDA continued to work for the betterment of Capital territory and its residents. Yesterday, what was just a blur sight has today emerged as a living solid vision. Capital Hospital is among Islamabad’s leading Health care institutes providing primary to tertiary health care facilities.

Capital Hospital is providing premium health care services to both CDA employees and the public at the lowest prices possible. Equipped with 280- bed and the latest technologies. It’s a tertiary health care center managing its operation under the administrative control of CDA and headed by the Executive Director. Capital Hospital serves as a free healthcare resource for CDA staff and their families, as well as 18 other semi-government institutions.



CDA Hospital is now a fully-fledged 280 bedded facility with the following fully equipped departments: – 

∙ A very well-equipped laboratory. 

∙ Radiology is equipped with conventional as well as imaging (CT, MRI) facilities. 

∙ HMIS (Hospital Management Information System) in the different phases of usage. 

∙ Operation theater and ICU

∙ Casualty

∙ General Surgical Unit-Laparoscopic Surgical facility 

∙ Medical Unit-CCU, video endoscopy, echo and nuclear cardiology including thallium scanning 

∙ Gynecology- Hysteroscopic surgical facility 

∙ Orthopedics- arthroscopic and implantation facility and physiotherapy 

∙ ENT- General ENT Surgery along with audiology, endoscopy, and microscopic surgical facility

∙ Pediatrics with neonatology unit and immunization facility 

∙ Ophthalmology – Paco and laser facility

∙ Nephrology with six dialysis units 

∙ Urology –endoscopic surgical facility and lithotripsy facility 

∙ Dermatology- lasers 


∙ Psychiatry


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park green heights - best shopping mall

Important Features of Shopping Mall

One of the safest and most profitable real estate investments in Pakistan is in shopping mall. Because of their cutting-edge design, high-end shopping malls not only provide investors the security of a steady stream of income and the potential for substantial capital appreciation, but also far less risk than other forms of real estate investments. Investors are relieved of the burden of promoting their empty storefronts and conducting leaseholder screenings since the mall administration handles these tasks.


Western civilization’s most lasting economic impact on the rest of the globe was the shopping mall. It’s helpful for shoppers since they may choose and select from a wide variety of products across countless categories. But modern shopping malls serve as settings for more than simply commerce and commerce. The internet has brought people together online, and public places like supermarkets and shopping centers have done the same thing in the real world. For three primary reasons—entertainment, food, and relaxation—it is a popular destination. Entertainment venues such as arcades, cinemas, multiplexes, book stores, etc., relaxation spots such as spas, saunas, salons, massage centers, etc., and food options such as fine dining restaurants, fast food corners, dessert points, coffee shops, etc. may all be found in these shopping complexes. If you ask anybody, they will tell you that a mall is a great spot to meet up. The establishment of such areas requires careful planning to ensure that they mix in with the surrounding grandeur and spirit.


There has been significant development in the idea of shopping malls in recent years. Where shoppers could previously find everything they needed under one roof is now a leisure hub with a wide variety of amenities. As time passes, shopping malls have evolved into multi-story entertainment complexes with more than simply retail outlets and restaurants. 

important features of shopping mall

Important Features of Shopping Mall

Are you thinking about investing in a shopping mall? We will let you know about all important features of shopping mall.  Here are some of the top features of modern shopping malls in Pakistan that make them a successful investment option. 

Superb execution of Shopping Mall

The most important feature of shopping mall is that; there is more to a mall than simply shops. It’s an adventure, and the way your mall is laid up may have a significant impact on the quality of the experience people have there. Your mall’s aesthetic may be as basic or sophisticated as you choose, so long as it caters to its primary customer base. For consumers seeking important features like high-end labels, for instance, a luxurious layout in shopping mall may be ideal; on the other hand, if you’re trying to attract thrifty visitors with little free time, you might want to streamline the mall’s appearance to prioritise efficiency over aesthetics. Expenses for upkeep and sanitation might be reduced as a result. Any store that values its clientele should understand the significance of maintaining a spotless environment.

Amusement Parks and Other Places of Recreation and Enjoyment


The modern shopping mall serves as a community center as well as a location to buy things. It’s not uncommon for them to be massive entertainment centers with everything from aquariums and museums to karaoke joints and skate playgrounds. Browse your local mall directory online or visit best shopping mall in islamabad to learn more about the many exciting activities offered in today’s malls, from family-friendly entertainment centers to world-class nightlife. The important amenities to keep an eye out for in the shopping mall nearest you.


Water Fall Features

Although water features are not necessary in all shopping mall, they may make a significant difference. Shopping districts with fountains and other amenities may be more relaxing and enjoyable for visitors since they help to drown out the sounds of the street. Some may stand on their own as spectacles (such fountains with light shows), while others offer the ideal white noise to drown out the noises of a busy mall.

An Ideal Spot & Perfect Location of Shopping Center

The real estate industry generally agrees that location is the single most crucial consideration. One of the most important factors in determining a property’s market value is its location since demand rises in parallel with the attractiveness of a certain area.


The prime location is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of upscale commercial centers. Modern retail malls are usually found in busy areas since that is where the majority of their customers live. Modern shopping centers like Park Green Heights are found in the heart of the city’s commercial district, in Islamabad, the stunning Centaurus Mall is located only a short drive from the International Airport and close to the major thoroughfare of G-6 Islamabad. Similarly, Islamabad’s famed Centaurus Mall can be found on the city’s main thoroughfare, Jinnah Avenue.

Simply said, a shopping mall’s chances of success increase if it is situated in a highly visible region that is well connected to other sections of the city by both public and private transportation.

Superb craftsmanship of Shopping Mall

Luxury shoppingl centers are characterised by their eye-catching exteriors, superior finishing, well designed layouts, and superb interior design. The visual appeal of modern commercial complexes is further enhanced by features such as grand entrances, vast lobbies, gorgeous fountains, well-lit murals, clean marble floors, attractive glass walls affording a scenic perspective of the neighbourhood, and custom-built retail areas.


Open-air plazas, rooftop decks, and terraces are a feature of certain premium retail centers.

These lavish extras attract buyers from all around the world. They also tend to catch the eye of residents and visitors alike, bringing in more customers. In order to ensure a greater return on your investment, you should seek for property in a retail mall that has at least some of these high-quality features in its design.

park green heights - best shopping mall

Locations for Fun and Recreation in Shopping Center

These days, shopping centers are more than simply a collection of stores under one roof. Modern shopping malls have transformed into popular destinations thanks to their bustling food courts, which have locations of several national and international fast food chains and a generous amount of seats so customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy their meals in peace. In addition to stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, shopping centers sometimes have elaborate children’s play areas, indoor amusement parks, gourmet restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres, and large performance halls.

Since of these features, shopping malls are an ideal place to relax because they house so many different types of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options in one convenient location.

The finest in comforts – Easy Access in Mall

There are several perks to owning a store or other business space in a high-end retail mall. Modern Pakistani shopping malls provide all the amenities one might want, including backup power generators to guarantee a constant flow of electricity, high-speed passenger and freight elevators, energy-efficient escalators, a large and secure parking lot, prayer rooms, a state-of-the-art entry system, accessible restrooms for those with special needs, and wheelchair service for the elderly.

Greenery Design

Greenery (trees, grass, bushes, etc.) is ideally included into the design of the greatest shopping malls rather than being tucked into corners or gaps in the shopping mall. It’s a little enhancement that may greatly enhance your shopping experience.

New and improved safety equipment inside the Mall

Luxury retail centers place a premium on safety for its customers. Modern automatic entrance systems and advanced surveillance systems are standard features in luxury retail centers, helping to keep customers secure and the peace.

In addition to standard safety, important features like emergency exits and fire escapes, new constructions with these features are also equipped with cutting-edge fire protection technology in the shopping center. Some of the most cutting-edge commercial developments also have earthquake-proof construction, which lessens the likelihood of destruction in the event of a quake. 

And there you have it: the essential qualities of contemporary retail malls that make them a good bet for investors.

enjoy your selves at park green city


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Net Worth Calculator: Find The Starting Line For Your Property Investment in Pakistan

Our net worth calculator can tell you a lot about your financial situation. A net worth calculator is abosultely free in Pakistan. The net worth calculator give you number that shows you. Where you are on your financial path, and if you use it wisely, it can also be used to help achieve larger financial goals. Including statistical facts such as this can make a big impression on investors, lenders and other local professionals who will have an interest in property investment in Pakistan as part of their portfolio diversification strategy. As such, owning or refinancing a home is one of the greatest drivers of wealth-building – property investors have 40 times the net worth of renters. Her

Understanding your net worth is the first step to understanding what your financial options are. And, for those further down their property investment adventure, tracking your net worth can help you see how property investment is affecting your financial well-being in Pakistan.

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Plot Size measurement; Mystery of Marla yards square feet and Kanal

Are you new to plot size measurement?

After going through this article you will get perfect knowledge regarding plot size measurement and different units of measuring land and area. We will hope you will learn alot from our this article.

Plot size measurement in Pakistan is quite different from what’s practiced in other regions, it might be a difference of lingual or something else. People get confused by different metrics for example: marla, feet, kanal, square feet, square yard, gaz and many more.

The locals of a particular area can understand the unit, but the outsider feels strange about that word, because the word is out of their dictionary. For the ease of our readers we are going to describe here all important metrics to measure the portion of land. 

In this article we will discuss all the important metrics which help you in finding out the match easily.

So let discuss the Measurement; the action to quantify or to calculate something is called measurement. The basic unit of length is measurement. It is defined by symbol (m) or word meter.


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Plot Size measurement; Mystery of marla yards square feet and Kanals


I have done a case study regarding plot size measurement issues. I take Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta in my case study.

Square Yard is a metric which is mostly used in western countries like the UK or USA. while Marla  and Kanal are frequently used in South Asian countries. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta; due to the difference in languages the terminologies and terms are different even in pronunciation.

If karachiites looking to invest in property in Islamabad, they frequently listen the terminology of 30*60, 25*50 or 4500 square feet. While in Lahore you will get familiar with 500 square yards and in Quetta you will get known to 120 gazz or 240 gazz. Not only this, in rural areas the plot size measurement is in actres and murabba. But in Karachi you will hear square feet or square foot.

Marla in Square Feet

Square feet is a unit of area in the International System of Units, which is equal to 1/250 of Marla. An equivalent distance which covers under one square. In Simple,1 Marla is equal to 250 Square feet.

square meters x 10.7639 = Square feet

1 square meter = 11 square feet

Plot Size measurement; Mystery of marla yards square feet and Kanals

Marla in Kanal

Kanal is a unit of measuring land, it is an International system of unit, which was followed during the era of British raj in the Subcontinent and influenced neighboring countries. 1 kanal is equal to 20 Marla 

Marla in Square Meter

Square Meter is an International system of units for measuring the plot size.

According to scientific unit 1 marla is equal to 20.90 Square meter

1 square foot = 0.09 square meter

1 square yard = 0.8 square meter


1 square meter = 1 square feet

1 square meter = 1.2 square yards

Square feet x 0.0929030 = square meter

Marla in Gaz

Gaz is a unit for measuring a portion of land in domestic ruler areas or suburban area. According to scientific unit 1 marla is equal to 25 gaz.Gaz and square yards are same but multilingual units



1 INCH = 25 millimeters

1 Foot = 0.3 meter

1 Yard = 0.9 meter

1 mile = 1.6 kilometers

1 square inch = 6.5 square

1 square foot = 0.09 

Solution For Confused One!

We know that many people get confused at site location and while studying map. So, here is a solution for them. Park Green City is offering standard plot size with full detail about all measurement standards and units. The Sales Team will guide you about all the measurement sizes.

Plot Size measurement; Mystery of marla yards square feet and Kanals

Measurement of Square Feet plot size in Marla, Square meter and square yard


Square Feet

Square Yard

Square Meter

















































































Plot Size Measurement Calculator

Two of them are efficient plot size calculators. These calculators can assist you to understand the concept of conversions. All you need to do is input the information and you’ll be well on your way. There are a variety of Real estate-related podcasts and blogs about real estate as well as real estate-related YouTube channels you can follow to become familiar with the various real estate terms and their conversions. Be familiar with Park Green City registration

Find out the best places to put your money into a plot or plot file.

These equations and terms will aid you in understanding the conversion of plot sizes. If you’re not sure about all those zeroes, make sure to check out the conversion of millions, Billions, and Trillions into Lakh Crore and Arab. This will provide you with an accurate understanding of all those zeroes. Learn the best way to secure your home


So, these were plot size measurement issues, which we has been discussed. Read this article take a look at these graphs, and tell us your thoughts on them. We hope that you will satisfied from our brief article.

If you have any query regarding real estate, feel free to contact us and get free orientation. if you think we should add on some data leave a comment below.

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low cost housing scheme in Islamabad - park green city

Low Cost Housing Scheme in Islamabad 2022 – Location & Pricing Plan

Are you looking for low cost housing scheme in Islamabad, then you are at right place. In general, when it comes to real estate investment in Islamabad, investors feel more confident. In Islamabad, location is the main aspect in property investment. For this reason we have done a research for our readers. Low cost residential schemes are the main focus of low budget people. After going through this article you will get known about low cost housing scheme in Islamabad.

I would like to tell you about important factors which influence the market value of property. There are many low cost housing schemes in Islamabad but the location, payment plan, verification and easy access is the main thing which matters a lot like park green city.

In the world of real estate, the thing which educates the realtors is; do not undermine the prime location factor. Real estate totally depended on location. Yes, it is the most important feature which determines your property’s value.

Meanwhile, the latest market trend should also be kept in mind. Like, which place is getting more worth regarding the investment! So, when you plan to buy a property, take a look at these factors and select the location and market trend that will attain your win-win situation. This is detailed information to help you choose the best location, and market trend for low cost housing scheme in Islamabad at premium location with easy payment plan. Let’s discuss the low cost housing societies in Islamabad

plot for sale in islamabad, park green city location payment plan, plot for sale in Islamabad

List of Low Cost Housing Scheme in Islamabad

Many of us have a desire to become permanent residents in Islamabad. That’s why they explore different societies to find low cost housing schemes, they want to book at-least one plot in Islamabad. But the question which bombard our mind is; are we able to buy a property in Islamabad…! Islamabad is maximizing day by day. Many societies are launching their projects day by day. But the thing which matters is location and trend of market of the plot which is available for sale either on installments or not in Islamabad.

If you have some cash and you are unsure of where you invest it. Let us help you find the best affordable housing societies you can invest in without wasting any time. Contact us for perfect investment guide

Park Green City – Destination of Your Dreams

Park Green City Islamabad is a revolutionary residential project built with the aim to provide fresh living starts in the heart of need. It is a new concept where luxury, comfort and affordability are woven together with advanced infrastructure and best practices. Park Green City is one among best low cost housing schemes in Islamabad.

Park Green City Islamabad is an upcoming grand real estate project in twin cities that is being developed by well-known developers. The developers and management of Park Green City Islamabad have applied for their No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

This upcoming real estate project is being designed by Karsaaz Engineering and developed by well-known builders; RGC Builders.

Park Green City enjoys an outstanding location. It is just 15 minutes away from International Islamabad Airport. The Nearness from Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC Interchange give it a plus point. It is zero kilometer from Chakri interchange and motorway M2. It has easy and fast access to the Faisal Mosque, Blue Area and Parliament House. Park green city has a direct access on the Motorway M2.

low cost housing society park green city

Park green city is a structured, planned and gated community. The state of the art architecture design and modern infrastructure system has been ornamented through world class amenities and luxuries.

low cost housing society in islamabad

Park green city has a pollution free environment enthusiastic to provide their residents 24 hours security for their peace of mind. Either you are Pakistani or overseas; it is the best option for you.

Park green city is the best property solution for investors and low income people. A truly low cost housing scheme in Islamabad. The prices are low because the project is newly started. Meanwhile the society is offering pre-launched rates which will go high soon. Park green city is the best low cost housing scheme in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The main vision of this society is; every individual has his own home in Islamabad. Park green city is encouraging the white collar people to make their own home in Islamabad. The CEO is also ambitious to enhance the living standard of low earning people.

payment plan for park green city

If we talk about the facilities; park green city offering huge spaces to the education sector. They will develop colleges, schools and universities; to provide a safe and comfy environment to their residents. They are providing facilities for family health. The emergency OPD and skilled doctors both are available 24/7 for the residents. Theme parks, gymnasium and Masjids are on the doorstep. The Society is trying to make cables underground, to make a decent look of the society.

For both wealthy buyers and those on tight budgets, Park Green City is the ideal real estate option. Since work has just begun on the project, costs have been kept low. In the meanwhile, the organisation is giving pre-launch pricing that will increase once it officially opens for business. When looking at affordable home options in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad areas, Park View City is the clear winner. The objective of this community is to make sure that everyone in Islamabad gets his or her own house. White collar workers are being enticed to settle in Islamabad thanks to the city’s attractive Park Green neighbourhood. The CEO is driven by a desire to improve the lot of the working poor as well.

In terms of infrastructure, park green city provides extensive room for the academic community. They want to construct educational institutions so that their citizens may study in a secure and pleasant setting. The organisation is financing health centres for families. The competent medical staff and emergency OPD are accessible around the clock. Nearby you will find a Masjid, a gymnasium, and an amusement park. For aesthetic reasons, the society is working to bury its wires.

Second Low Cost Housing Scheme is Life Residencia

The Life Residencia is another affordable Project which is gaining its worth because it is one of the best low cost housing schemes in Islamabad Rawalpindi. The main vision of the society is to provide best amenities to the economic class of Pakistan. The main feature of the society is that it provides a pollution free environment, world class infrastructure with all the luxuries on your doorstep. For the better living standard the life residencia is the best option; for the peace of environment providing 24 hours security. Meanwhile to resolve the electricity issue they are generating their own electricity. The Life residencia is a spectacular gated community located at Fateh Jang Road Islamabad. Which is 5 minutes away from International Islamabad Airport, 5 minutes away from Motorway M1 & M2. The price range of the plot starts here from 2 million.

life residencia

Third Low Cost Housing Scheme is World RCCI City Islamabad

World rcci city is a mega project situated on Ghazi bharota road. It is near to Attock and new wah cantt. The society is between two rivers, which makes it look catchier. This is a new launching project, that’s why it’s rates are low. World RCCI city is getting worth because; it is the best low cost housing society in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. According to the advisory these are pre-launch rates which will go back high soon at the end of August. The Society is best for the people who are residents of Attock, DI Khan Taxila or Wah Cantt. The society is near to CPEC which will increase its worth. They have not acquired the whole land but they are trying to get NOC so they will go for acquisition. World RCCI city wants to make their society a landmark for real estate investors. They want to provide the best amenities at low prices to engage the low income market.

Another Reasonable Housing Scheme is Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is a realistic project located behind the Park Green City. The Qurtaba city has no direct access to the Motorway M2 but they have a linking road which adjoins the interchange. The Society is a Project of Madina-tul-Ilm. It is a no profit and loss based company associated with SECP. It is 25 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. The city is built on over 7000 Kanal of land surrounded by the beautiful valleys of Potohar and Sil River. Qurtaba City is state of Art for Religious point of view

Conclusion: What We Have Learned?

After reading this article we get know about low cost housing schemes in Islamabad. The thing which we learn is: how to invest in real estate industry. Not only this, now we can easily evaluate the society on the basis of its location and amenities. If you are interested in any of the housing society contact us for free guidance before buying. For more informative blogs like that visit: Park Green City

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