Faisal Vawda claims murder is pre planned - foresees bloodshed pti

Faisal Vawda is playing as a game changer. Firstly, in conference he claim that arshad sharif murder in planned in pakistan. Secondly, Just before PTI long march he make a conference and proclaimed that he foresees bloodshed in long march. At same time, pti issued a show cause notice and eliminate him from party membership.

Faisal Vawda Claims Arshad Sharif Murder is Planned

At a press conference on Wednesday in Islamabad, he claimed that no physical proof remains from the shooting death of veteran journalist and news caster Arshad Sharif. He claimed that the anchorman was not the kind of man to flee the scene, especially because unfounded claims are being made about the establishments.

The former federal minister said that the killing of Arshad Sharif was already planned. Truthfully, he was accomplishing his aims, but he had to leave the nation due to death threats.

Adding that the conspirators are in communication on a global scale, he stated, “I have created a film and have provided names, and if I am murdered, the murderers will also be killed in the same manner within 3 hours.”

Vawda also said he had been in touch with the murdered journalist and was willing to hand over his phone for forensic analysis.

The senior journalist’s death was no accident, he continued; a scheme to have him killed had been organised in Pakistan, and neither his computer nor his phone would be recovered.

According to Vawda, “certain individuals intend to murder others for selfish advantages and a plot is being created under the premise of lengthy march.”

He told reporters at the National Press Club, “If Arshad Sharif can be shot, then anybody can.” He went on to say that the death of the veteran anchorman was premeditated.

The government’s Press Information Department (PID), which organises media engagements for government officials, sent out the press conference invitations.

It should be noted that the news conference was broadcast live on state-run Pakistan Television, a platform on which opposition figures like as the leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are often shut out.

Vawda said that Sharif had been murdered in an in-country plot, with the “proof” of this having been “erased” to the point that not even Sharif’s mobile phone or laptop could be located.

The PTI chief said he has been in touch with the reporter ever since he left the country.

He said the journalist was shot dead in his automobile, despite allegations that 20 rounds were fired at him.

According to Vawda, “Arshad Sharif was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the skull.” “The automobile’s driver should have been shot if the kidnapper was in the car.”

The PTI chief made the claim in a video, perhaps alluding to an ongoing crackdown on dissidents, and claimed he will release the footage soon along with a list of names. He also said he spent millions of dollars and gave the names out over the globe.

The other personas would be eliminated within three hours if he died, he said. If I am shot, you will die within three hours.

Leaving the nation was not something Sharif was prepared to do, he said. Instead, he was “threatened by plots and banished from here.”

He continued, saying that he remained in Dubai for as long as his visa permitted. He said that contrary to rumours, the anchor did not even go to London.

Vawda said vaguely, “The advantages and purposes of this conspiracy are something else.”

He promised that additional information will become available in the days to come. If something should happen to me, I have instructed my loved ones to give my body to you as a present.

He made the observation that an average person would never have sent the reporter to Kenya. He pondered “who concealed him and who was in touch with him,” raising concerns about the situation. He said the conspirators’ goal is to divide the nation and his party.

It was also said that Sharif had been in touch with the authorities and was prepared to return to the country when “terror set in” and his assassination was purportedly plotted.

He also said that the conspirators were in the country and had “international connections.”

Although he was a part of the “good interaction” between the institution and the anchorperson, he insisted that the establishment was exonerated of any responsibility, stating as much.

Faisal Vawda Foresees Bloodshed in long March

In the next days, the PTI leader promised to take the names of the suspected conspirators.

Vawda has predicted “blood and funerals” during the next long march of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

“Imran Khan’s nonviolent march is our right, but I am definitely telling you I am witnessing blood, deaths, and funerals in this march,” he stated.

He said, “I will not allow my Pakistanis perish under a conspiracy,” adding that he will work to put a stop to this “game of corpses.”

Moreover, he predicted that “important people and numerous bodies” will be “falling” in the following days. 

Faisal Vawda Issued Show Cause Notice, Party Membership Suspended

Within two days, Faisal Vawda must respond to the show cause notice. He is obligated to provide an explanation as to why he should not have his party membership revoked.

Earlier, the PTI Sindh President had tweeted that Faisal Vawda had attempted to derail the impending long march by holding a news conference.

The PTI legislator commented on PTI leader Faisal Vavda’s news briefing through Twitter. He also noted the compelling nature of PTV’s coverage of the news conference.

Ali Zaidi chimed in, saying that he is proof that the “imported government” is behind the plot to bring down the legitimate administration. Imran Khan, leader of the PTI, has asked all employees to remain calm.

Why is Faisal Vavda’s press conference so important? He posed the query.


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